We combine a number of emerging creative disciplines and technologies to maximize the scale of any brand experience. Consumers that encounter our experiences stop, engage, talk and share them without fail.

Projection Mapping

A healthy blend of architectural mapping, projection media and 3D animation transforms virtually any physical surface into a digital canvas for jaw dropping design. Possibilities are endless here; we’ve turned a hotel into a giant arcade claw game, made a building disappear, created a Mirage at music festivals, made mannequins come to life and much more. We’re not magicians but it’s kind of like magic

Interactive Experiences

We design and build brand immersive interactive experiences that will get consumers touching and feeling your brand that create personal and one-to-one brand conversations. Tapping into basic human instincts, we use interactive inputs like touch, gesture and augmented reality for prolonged brand-to-consumer experiences that live on through mobile and social extensions. This is where creative and technology meet to totally amaze consumers; leaving them with their jaws open and Instagram accounts filled.

Technology Activations

We provide all sorts of technology activations!

  • Our VR simulators are the next generation gaming equipment which combines VR glasses and motion simulator (also called as 9D VR in the industry). There is a library of movies and games to play on a single machine. The equipment can be a single seater, two seater or a three seater. We can customise the VR as per the requirement.

  • The equipment is trouble free and easy to set up. There is no need of any added construction work and the equipment can move on wheels.

  • We also produce customised content for VR.